Thank You, Austin!


When boarding the plane at SFO, we realized that 95% of the plane was headed to Austin for SXSW. After the 10th no vacancy sign we final settled on the Super 8 that was only 20 miles away from the convention center. Lets just say that this particular hotel didn’t have a gym and the concierge was nowhere to be found. Our first task; get a taste of some of that Austin BBQ. We tried Brisket, Turkey, Pork Sliders and mixed in a few vegan dishes as well. From food trucks to sit down restaurant our stomachs were never at a loss for food.

The build up of the Interactive Trade Show was exciting. The flood of people rushing through the doors was shocking. If you could imagine Pamplona’s running of the bulls, then you have the idea. With four main attractions at our booth, everyone was in awe. Our display of products and big “Baller Swag Guys” banner drew the crowds in. We screen printed over 1,000 posters and sold over 400 t-shirts.


Thank you Austin. Thank you SXSW. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello.

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Social Imprints Takes Over SXSW!

SXSW Steak
We all know that SXSW has become a mecca for the Tech industry where the best and brightest come together to showcase new ideas and products. But that’s not why we are exhibiting at the interactive trade show. Lets be honest, we are going for the BBQ. According to US News Travel section, Austin, is ranked the 5th best BBQ city in America. This inspired us to create a design fitting for the “mecca of meat”.

At our booth we’re featuring a poster station where attendees will have an opportunity to print their own poster. The t-shirts will be available for a small donation benefiting LinkedIn for Good Foundation are printed on Harvester brand t-shirts, the Rolls Royce of t-shirts. Harvester T’s are super duper soft, 100% organic and made in California.


Baller Swag Guys

Ever want to have a cool nickname like Dr. Love, Cool Breeze, T-bone or Mr. T? One of our customers Dropbox, dropped a nickname on us that stuck. We decided to unleash it as our alter ego at our booth (702) at the SXSW interactive trade show.

We are using the booth to showcase some of the pens, mugs, tumblers, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, journals, sunglasses, license plates, flash drives that we have created for many of our favorite tech customers such as Dropbox, Heresay, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Square, Dolby, Wikipedia. Get the idea? We’re the Baller Swag Guys.


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This case study features Mathnasium Learning Center.

Mathnasium is a math tutoring franchise that “Makes Math Make Sense” for children of all ages.  Mathnasium is one of the fastest-growing educational franchises in the world and currently has over 200 franchises throughout the country.



Every Mathnasium student receives a t-shirt upon enrollment. With over 200 affiliate franchises, ordering from just as many different vendors, brand dilution (unapproved logos, shabby products) became a legitimate concern.  Smaller franchises were hindered from acquiring custom promotional products available to larger franchises, due to an inability to meet the minimum purchase quantities required by most vendors.

In 2009, Mathnasium approached Social Imprints to kick-start an authorized merchandising program.  Social Imprints developed a line of merchandise with over 15 printed products that can be customized with the name of each individual franchise.




To harness the collective purchasing power of the multiple franchises, Social Imprints built a fully customized web store to serve as a central “hub” where orders are placed in “bulk cycles” every six weeks.  Each franchise now saves at least 20% off apparel orders and receives discounted shipping rates.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss setting up a program for your organization 415-956-0269.




Our next case study features Atticus Circle and the “Gay? Fine By Me” ™ (GFBM) T-shirt Project.

Atticus Circle was founded in 2004 to educate and mobilize straight people for the advancement of equal rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

The GFBM T-Shirt Project began at Duke University during Spring 2003. The purpose was to provide Americans a simple yet effective way to publicly condemn homophobia and support equal rights. The initial goal was simply to raise enough funds to give away a few t-shirts. In just 10 days, over 2,000 students, staff, professors, and community members were wearing the t-shirts. Fine By Me, Inc. joined Atticus Circle in September 2008.


"Bulk Web Store"


"Single T-shirt Web Store"


Atticus Circle provides free “Starter Kits” to assist student activists, which include suggestions for fund-raising, organizing, and t-shirt procurement/distribution.  Atticus Circle approached Social Imprints to streamline the t-shirt ordering and production process.  To accommodate the diverse needs of purchasers, SI created two separate custom webstores: bulk orders and single t-shirt orders. The first webstore allows student organizations to order in bulk (25 or more) and provides them a 20% average savings.  The second webstore lets supporters order lower quantities.  SI packages and ships all orders, eliminating Atticus Circle’s need for additional staff to handle fulfillment.



To date, students from over 200 high schools and colleges have organized GFBM t-shirt projects in their communities.  Contact us if you’d like to discuss setting up a program for your organization 415-956-0269.

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